Products and Services

Products and Services

The 4'x8' Standard Sign

Confident, strong, stylish and secure - this sign rewards you every single time you order it.

A 4'x8' Standard Sign delivers all-terrain or all-weather capability, massive versatility and a surprising level of boldness for its size. Graphics are UV digital printed on our new Corobond material mounted on either custom built pressure-treated wooden stands anchored down with steel rebar pins or galvanized u-channel steel posts.

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The Mid-Sized 8’x8’ Sign

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The 8'x8' Mid-Sized Sign is needed when you need to be louder than usual.

This sign is put together with two 4'x8' panels installed on wooden posts or extended stands with added back supports and sandbags or steel stakes for reinforcement - it goes beyond the standard.

The Full-Sized 8’x12’ Sign

This sign demands and commands everyone's attention.

The 8'x12' Full-Sized Sign is needed for larger area properties or when the sign must be placed further from the road. This sign increases visibility from longer distances, it is pieced together with three 4'x8' panels installed on wooden posts.

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Large Custom Sized Signs

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We perform all the necessary underground utility checks.

Large custom signs are the way to go big, they ensure dramatic impact and legibility. These signs boasts higher-end materials such as 6"x6" thick pressure treated wooden posts, all 2"x6" frame strapping, and mixed concrete footing 5-6' below ground level.

Large Custom Sized Banners

Large banners are a great way to advertise big without the big costs.

Manufactured using 13 oz. polypropylene tear resistant material with aluminum grommets reinforced every 2', these banners help you announce your message and you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy its benefits.

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Custom Window Decals

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Custom window decals are great for properties with limited ground space, but have large windows facing a lot of traffic.

Manufactured by UV digital printing on removeable vinyl decal with UV protective laminate, window decals take advantage of vacant windows transforming them into effective signs.

New Corobond Sign Material

We are the only sign company in Edmonton to use this as the staple material for your signs.

Unlike most other sign companies, Granger Advertising has successfully phased out traditional plywood to our new aluminum surfaced Corobond sign material, a better finished, more durable, lighter weight, and more environmentally friendly product that we offer for the same price.

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Installation Service

Granger Advertising

Quick response and accuracy.

Granger Advertising’s installation department consists of three professional teams of trained and qualified operators ready to handle location or type of sign installation, repair, or removal. We maintain immediate and continuous contact with our crew to facilitate quick response and accuracy.

Ground Team

When your sign needs that extra visibility

The Ground Team covers everything from ground to lower second floor level. They handle sizes from Overlays up to 8'x8' Signs on Wooden Posts. Tirelessly running around the city and area, our only mission is to complete your sign order in time to your satisfaction.

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Bucket Truck Team

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The Bucket Truck Team takes care of all the jobs that need to be on second floor level or higher. Whether it’s just adding an overlay, hanging up a banner, or installing a large sign atop a building, our team does an ace job.

Boom Truck Team

When this team goes out, there is no such thing as too big.

The Boom Truck Team gets sent out for the big stuff when thick wooden posts need to be erected more than 4' into the ground with concrete footing or when crane action is required to hoist up a large sign.

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Sky Team

Granger Advertising

When this team goes out there is no such thing as too high.

The Sky Team takes care of jobs that are out of reach of the rest of our install teams. Using high performance rope-access techniques, they are able to elevate your signs to new heights.

Sign Permit Application

Granger Advertising offers to take care of sign permit application packages.

Granger Advertising has been working closely with Edmonton City planning and development to ensure all signage meets their Bylaws and regulations. As of March 2013 all 4'x8' Standard Commercial Real Estate Signs with 1'x8' Overlays are exempt from requiring a sign permit, however anything larger needs one.

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"I have been working with Granger Advertising for over 5 years and have hired them to complete directional signage, commercial and residential leasing signage, development hoarding solutions, vinyl window treatments, marketing banners, rezoning signage, event signage, signage permits and more. Their team is highly organized, detail oriented, professional, and often bring solutions I hadn't considered. They have a variety of materials suited for our northern climate, and quickly respond to install, removal and maintenance requests. I highly recommend them for your real estate signage needs."

Marty Pawlina - Rohit Land Development, Rohit Group of Companies