About Us

Our Mission: Granger Advertising is committed to providing smart signage solutions for Commercial Real Estate companies, striving to uphold a reputation for quality products and reliable services at competitive prices.

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About the Company

Granger Advertising was first established in 1983 as a small home sign business by Granger in his basement. Back then signs were hand painted with traditional paint and brushes. As the business grew he developed a passion for commercial real estate signs. He quickly realized in order to provide the best quality signs and fastest service, he had to focus and become specialized in commercial real estate signs. Today Granger and his team still carries on this passion.

Granger Care

Granger Advertising understands that good customer service is essential to enhance customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that our products and services have met your expectations. We understand that customers have memories, and your trust can be destroyed at once by a single major problem or undermined one day at a time, bit by bit. That's why we make it our goal everyday with every job to not only make sure our customers have a good experience, but to offer you an experience that exceeds your expectations. We always welcome feedback - to either help us improve or encourage us to keep doing something right. Granger Advertising genuinely cares about its customers.

Granger Research

We know that staying ahead requires keeping up-to-date and being innovative. That's why we are constantly researching for new materials, equipment, and methods to improve our products and services. Choosing Granger Advertising as your sign provider ensures that your signs also evolve with the times. With more companies becoming greener and more Earth conscious, we are also doing our part such as substituting traditional materials with ones that have less impact on the environment, ie. recycled materials, and integrating cleaner manufacturing processes, ie. upgrading our printing system from solvent to UV curing.

“Our relationship with Granger Advertising has been nothing short of fantastic. Client service is superb, and we always feel like ours is the most important order that they have. Further, Granger’s continual search for better and longer-lasting materials means that our signs look better for extended periods of time, which in turn lowers our costs. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Granger Advertising.”

-Aileen Savage, Operations Manager, Avison Young